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Orange County, Virginia

The Economic Development Authority (EDA)

The Orange County Economic Development Authority provides immediate access to developed building sites in the Thomas E. Lee Industrial Park.  Please contact the Office of Economic Development for availability and terms. 

The Economic Development Authority consists of the following members.

  District 1   Robert McConnell  
  District 2 James K. White (Chair)
  District 3 Doc Garnett
  District 4 Michael Zummo 
  District 5 Winston L. Sides
  Town of Gordonsville Daman Irby
  Town of Orange Rick Sherman (Vice Chair)

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Industrial Park Map

                          Office of Economic Development

Contact   Julie G Jordan, Director  
Telephone  540-672-1238
The Office of Economic Development is your advocate in resolving any issues or challenges that face your firm.  The Office will coordinate communication with other agencies (local/state/federal), relay information that could impact business activities, promote community planning to resolve challenges that inhibit sustainable development (water supply/waste disposal/labor/housing), and recruit new businesses into our community.  The Office actively represents the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) in promoting and developing the Thomas E. Lee Industrial Park.

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                                   Orange County Chamber of Commerce

Contact Barbara Bannar, Executive Director
Telephone 540-672-5216
The Chamber is a clearing house for business-to-business contact to promote integrated commercial activity within Orange County.  The Chamber is responsible for organizing the Orange Street Festival, Christmas Parade, monthly business coffees, and partners with Montpelier to host the Wine Festival.  It also serves as an additional advocacy group for protecting commercial interests in Orange County.

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                          Germanna Community College
                             Workforce Development Office

Contact Kathy Habel
Telephone 540-727-3102
Germanna Community College stands ready to meet any of your training needs to promote workforce development.  One of the newest initiatives is the Customer Service Institute, which provides specific strategies to make your employees more responsive to customers.  All programs of instruction may be expressly tailored to meet your requirements. 


The Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development


Contact Mike Harvey
Telephone (434) 979-5610

The Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development is a partnership in every sense of the word. Combining the resources of the regionís public and private institutions, we support new investment and mid-level job creation. We both support existing business and recruit targeted new business to the region. The result, of course, is increasing opportunities for our citizens and a broader tax base for our region. Through the partnership, the business, government, and educational communities work together to make Jeffersonís Virginia a place where business and people continue to thrive.

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